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What is Environmental Psychology?
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What is Environmental Psychology?

Environmental Psychology deals with the reciprocal relationship between behavior and the natural and transformed physical environment. Depending on the specific object of study, the field maintains interfaces with urban anthropology and sociology, ergonomics, (industrial) design, landscape, forestry, architecture, urban design and social geography, among others.
Given the multiple interfaces with other fields of study of the physical / spatial arrangement and human behavior, the term environment - behavior relation is frequently found in the literature.

Due to it's interdisciplinary nature, environmental psychology uses various methodological approaches. The work of the EPRG is based on two assumptions: (a) there is no one ideal research technique in the social sciences - all approaches will present more or less advantages and disadvantages, depending on the problem at hand, and (b) the understanding of a scientific problem benefits from the use of different methods, in other words, to the extent possible, a multi-method approach should be employed.

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