The EPRG in 1993
What is environmental psychology anyway?

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Welcome to the Environmental Psychology Research Group

On the following pages you will find information about environmental Psychology and research and teaching of the Environmental Psychology Research Group at the University of Brasília.

After all, what is Environmental Psychology?

Publications We prepared a general reference list for Environmental Psychology, as well as thematic bibliographies on living spaces, work environments, leisure environments, transportation environments (i.e., traffic psychology), health environments, natural environments, environments for the young and the elderly, as well as other topics in Environmental Psychology. We have also included an extensive bibliography on research methods.

Teaching Here you find course descriptions for undergraduate and graduate courses offered over the past years. Again, they may be useful for references. All courses and were taught in Portuguese.

Research Here we present current research projects of the EPRG.

Researchers Here we offer information about the current members of the EPRG.

Resources From this page you can reach other pages, journals and other important resources in Environmental Psychology and related fields.

Here, finally, you can learn a little about the EPRG, its history and activities.

updated 12/31/2004